Rayan Medical for translation and medical services build bridges and provide all medical services and medical tourism between German hospitals and Arab patients.

Our treatment services system

Hospitals in Germany pay great attention to pediatric patients and provide them with the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment and the highest levels of health care, through an excellent group of specialists in the field of medicine and care as well as advanced technology.

 We always strive to provide medical services at the highest level, besides providing a first-class service, and providing a real feeling of luxury and distinctive facilities for those wishing to travel to Germany in order to receive medical examinations and appropriate treatment and in addition to our selection of distinguished distinguished doctors in their specialized medical fields through our long experience Over the past years in this field, we are also distinguished by other aspects - such as coordinating tourist trips for travelers to enjoy the scenic landscapes and tourist sites as well as we provide the most important findings of medicine in treatment, which is one of the keys to distinctive care. And since the healing process is supported not only by the comfortable surroundings, but also by human warmth, it is extremely important for us to provide you with the best possible service.

Our services for patients in a brief and quick presentation

  • We can communicate with all patients by calling by phone or messaging through all modern communication programs or personally through our center in Germany in Heidelberg or through one of our offices located in other German cities or in our offices in Egypt in Cairo and Alexandria in order to clarify the nature of the health situation or the wishes of patients
  • Study the patient's medical file such as x-rays and recent medical reports for the patient as soon as they are available
  • Arrange medical appointments for diagnosis when there is no prior appointment or arrange an appointment for initial checks (when the patient so desires)
  • Present the patient's medical file to the specialist doctor in the specialized hospitals for the condition of the disease to obtain a medical report from the specialist doctor and the estimated costs and then the medical appointment is determined
  • Coordination and arrangement of patient appointments for all medical examinations within specialized hospitals
  • We organize all the affairs of the trip such as booking airline and hotel accommodation or booking furnished apartments suitable for the patient and his companions as well as assistance in obtaining a letter of invitation for treatment from the hospital addressed to the German embassy to obtain the visa
  • Regulating the affairs of movement within Germany: from reception at the airport and access to it, as well as the patient’s delivery to the hotel and to all hospital and other appointments.
  • Organizing the translation service through qualified and accredited translators inside hospitals in the same language as the patient during appointments and medical examinations, taking into account all patients ’cultural, religious and psychological needs.
  • Coordination of specialized residency for medical rehabilitation in rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers by distinguished doctors in this field, if desired
  • Translate the final medical reports in the patient's language or in English
  • After the end of the treatment trip, we also communicate with the patient in his country to verify the availability of subsequent medical care, as well as answer the questions posed after the treatment trip in order to give the patient an additional sense of reassurance.

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Rayan Medical for translation and medical services build bridges and provide all medical services and medical tourism between German hospitals and Arab patients.

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